Wave damping in the chromosphere
The Variable Sun: Cycles, Waves, Oscillations, and Instabilities
Richard Morton
Northumbria University
In recent years, MHD kink waves have shown to be ubiquitous throughout the solar atmosphere. It is thought that they must play some role in the transfer of mechanical energy from the convective motions in the photosphere into the outer layers of the atmosphere. Currently, details of their journey from photosphere to corona are scant. I will present an observation from Hinode/SOT that demonstrates that the kink wave shows evidence of damped motion low in the solar atmosphere, suggesting mode conversion and/or energy transfer. The rate of damping is much faster than that reported in coronal observations of the kink wave. This rapid, low damping of the kink waves may explain the disparate energy levels observed between the previous chromospheric and coronal energy fluxes estimates.
16:30 - 18:00