More to follow as we receive them.


What are the key dates?

  • 26 February - Abstract submission opens and first announcement
  • 9 March - Registration opens
  • 1 April 14 April - Deadline for abstract submission (extended)
  • 19 May - Decisions on abstracts sent to delegates
  • 20 June - Registration closes
  • 5-9 July - Conference held


Do I need to register before submitting an abstract?

The abstract form asks for a registration number before it can be submitted. This is deliberate: we really do require delegates to register before submitting an abstract. This is because the room capacities at Venue Cymru are limited - if registration is delayed there is a risk that an accepted speaker will unable to attend that very session.

However, we appreciate that some delegates may find it difficult to secure travel funding before an abstract has been submitted. If this applies to you please contact the LOC to arrange a temporary registration number.


What size should my poster be?

See the page on poster sessions.