Global magnetic field modelling: how will solar orbiter help?
The Sun, its Influence on the Heliosphere and the Role of the Solar Orbiter Mission
Anthony Yeates
Durham University
Modelling the global magnetic field in the solar corona is vital for understanding the complex processes that affect our space weather both in terms of the solar wind and also global dynamic events, such as CMEs.
The magnetic field in the corona cannot be directly imaged so we must rely on measurements of the magnetic field at the photosphere to constrain our models. To date, these synoptic magnetic field measurements have always been taken from the ecliptic plane. With solar orbiter, we will be able to view the polar fields. Recent results have shown that the strength of the polar field, particularly during solar minimum, can have a significant effect on not only the Sun's global magnetic field, but also the nature of coronal magnetic field above quiet-Sun regions.
This talk will discuss the effect the polar field strength can have on the structure of the global coronal magnetic field at different times during the solar cycle and consider how constraining this could give us more accurate magnetic field models, and hence predictions of space weather.
13:30 - 15:00