Using the VISTA Science Archives for variable star and transient science in the VVV.
Stellar, Exoplanet and Galactic Science from Massive, High-precision Variability Surveys
Nicholas Cross
University of Edinburgh
Mike Read, Ross Collins, Rob Blake, Eckhard Sutorius, Bob Mann, Mark Holliman
The VISTA Science Archive (VSA) is the primary access to do science from the VISTA public surveys, such as VISTA Variables in Via Lactea (VVV), the largest NIR variability survey, which is best way to study the stellar populations on the far side of the Milky Way disk.

The VVV data is released through the VSA in prepared databases containing images, and catalogues from these images, band merged catalogues, variability statistics and links to external surveys, such as GLIMPSE, WISE, XMM etc. It also contains useful additional products such as 3D extinction maps, vital in the classification of sources with similar light-curves.

We discuss the current data products, the importance of quality control throughout the data products to improving the efficiency of selection and we demonstrate the use of the archives to select variables. Finally we discuss ongoing work to improve the variable selection and classification for future releases and additional team generated data that will improve the scope of possible science.
09:00 - 10:30