Bulk properties of major flares with and without CMEs
The Sun, its Influence on the Heliosphere and the Role of the Solar Orbiter Mission
Louise Harra
Karel Schrijver, Hugh Hudson, Sarah Matthews and the Solar-Stellar ISSI team
Since 2011 there have been around 100 energetic flares with GOES classification larger than M5. These large flares have, in the past, been frequently believed to have been associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and been long duration flares.
In this work we carry out a statistical study to define the behaviour of each of these large flares, and determine if there is a difference in events that have coronal mass ejections and those that do not. The unusual active region 2192 in October 2014 produced a series of M and X flares with no associated CMEs. We look at this example, along with others, to determine if it is possible to predict in the future whether a sunspot group will produce a large flare with or without a coronal mass ejection. This will be of interest to operations of Solar Orbiter in terms of choosing a suitable target to observe.


13:30 - 15:00