Solar Electron Beams Through the Heliosphere
The Sun, its Influence on the Heliosphere and the Role of the Solar Orbiter Mission
Hamish Reid
University of Glasgow
Eduard Kontar (University of Glasgow)
The Sun regularly accelerates electron beams that can escape the confines of the solar magnetic field and travel outwards through the heliosphere. Understanding the properties of these accelerated electrons provides insight into the solar acceleration mechanisms that energise them and the heliospheric plasma that interacts with them. We can detect these particles through their radio signature and through measurements in-situ near the Earth. However, we have very few measurements of their radial behaviour as they propagate through the heliosphere. Solar Orbiter will provide such measurements.

We present theoretical predictions of solar electron beams that will be tested by the in-situ data from Solar Orbiter. We model self-consistently the transport of the accelerated electrons from the Sun to the Earth taking into account their wave-particle interaction with the background plasma that induces high levels of Langmuir waves. We make predictions of how the electron density and energy spectra will change as a function of radius. We also investigate the radial dependence of background density fluctuations. Finally we will also predict what parameters will be important in determining the stopping frequency of the radio signatures associated with solar electron beams.


13:30 - 15:00