Nucleosynthesis in High- and Low-Mass Stars
Galactic Chemical Evolution in the Gaia Era
Marco Pignatari
NuGrid collaboration (www.nugridstars.org)
Konkoly Observatory, MTA (Hungary)
The study of how the elements are made in stars is a crucial challenge for our understanding of stellar evolution and galactic astronomy. The abundance distribution in the galactic disk and in the solar system has been formed through nucleosynthesis in several generations of different stars. Therefore, in order produce comprehensive galactical chemical evolution studies theoretical stellar yields need to be consistent across the widest range of stellar mass and metallicity.
In this presentation I will discuss the main nucleosynthesis features in high- and low-mass stars for a number of indicative elements. I will also discuss the impact of stellar and nuclear physics uncertainties on different stellar conditions.
09:00 - 10:30