The effects of restricted “EIT wave” propagation on the low solar corona
The Sun, its Influence on the Heliosphere and the Role of the Solar Orbiter Mission
David Long
David Perez-Suarez (UCL-MSSL)
We present observations of an “EIT wave” associated with an X-class flare from 2012-July-6, the propagation of which was severely restricted by the magnetic structure of the solar corona surrounding the erupting active region. The “EIT wave” was observed by both SDO and STEREO-A, allowing a three-dimensional examination of how the propagation of the disturbance was affected both by a neighbouring coronal hole and a trans-equatorial loop system. In addition, the eruption was observed at the limb by the ground-based CoMP instrument, allowing the Doppler motion associated with the eruption and resulting coronal loop oscillation to be investigated in detail. This combination of data-sets from the ground and multiple spacecraft at different points throughout the heliosphere provides a unique insight into the three-dimensional evolution of the “EIT wave” and its effects on the surrounding corona.
16:30 - 18:00