The Astronomer, the Curator, the Artists and the Gallery: smuggling astronomy into London’s commercial art scene
Astronomy Outreach and Public Engagement in the 21st Century
Dr Marek Kukula
Dr Melanie Vandenbrouck (Royal Museums Greenwich)
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Contemporary art is one of the most popular areas of modern culture: Tate Modern is the most visited London attraction and even at smaller galleries exhibitions of works by high-profile contemporary artists effortlessly attract crowds who queue around the block to get in. The audience for contemporary art is also heavily slanted towards young, urban adults, making it qualitatively different from the older audiences who attend more traditional museums and the family audiences who are often prioritised by science centres. The art audience is vocal and influential – but is often unengaged with science. So what happens when an astronomer, a museum art curator and a commercial London gallery team up to present an exhibition of works by leading contemporary artists inspired by astronomical themes? “Dark Frame/Deep Field” was the result. This talk will describe the somewhat surprising outcomes.


09:00 - 10:30