eXeter Radio Telescope at Caradon: Public engagement in a radio astronomy through a UKSEDS project.
Astronomy Outreach and Public Engagement in the 21st Century
Damian Rumble
Freya Aldred, Hannah Osborne
University of Exeter
We present the UK Students for the Development and Exploration of Space (UKSEDS) national project ‘eXeter Radio Telescope at Caradon’ (XRT-C) whose aim is construct a 4.5 m telescope in the South West of England for use as an education tool for students and the general public. The project is a grass routes initiative, supported by UKSEDS, but very much designed and led by a small group of students based at the University of Exeter. The project has been running for two years and is now in the procurement stage after hitting full funding targets last year. The team is looking to demonstrate to the public that, with a small budget, but grand ambition, it is possible to start your own space exploration program and inspire future generations of scientists to engage in astronomy. The project has been active in outreach, taking experiments to regional events run by Big Bang and the IOP to introduce the public to radio astronomy and explain how we hope to use our telescope to observe neutral Hydrogen and ‘Weigh the Galaxy’.


09:00 - 10:30