SNe Type Ia in SPH Galaxy Simulations: progenitors systems and the chemical patterns of the host galaxy
Galactic Chemical Evolution in the Gaia Era
Noelia Jimenez
Francesca Matteucci, Patricia B. Tissera
University of St Andrews
The nature of the Type Ia supernovae (SNIa) progenitors remains still
uncertain. This is a major issue for galaxy evolution models since
both chemical and energetic feedback play a major role in the gas
dynamics, star formation and therefore in the overall stellar
evolution. The progenitor models for the SNIa available in the
literature propose different distributions for regulating the
explosion times of these events. These functions are known as the
Delay Time Distributions (DTDs). In this talk I will present a study
of five different DTDs for SNIa implemented in SPH galaxies dominated
by a rapid quenching of the star formation, displaying the majority of
the stars concentrated in the bulge component. The simulations are
compared with the present observed SNIa rates and to the [O/Fe] ratios shown by the bulge of the Milky Way. These observables set very stringent constraints to the proposed scenario for SNIa and for galaxy formation models.


09:00 - 10:30