Relationship between EUV waves and CMEs for space weather applications
The science of space weather: progressing our understanding
David Perez-Suarez
University College London - Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Jason Byrne (RAL Space), David Long (UCL/MSSL), Eoin Carley(TCD & Observatoire de Paris)
Biesecker et al. (2002) found that all EUV waves have a CME associated with it but not vice versa. Their study was done with SoHO/EIT whose low cadence and data resolution would have limited the reliability of the coronal wave detections. Nowadays, SDO/AIA offers a significant improvement on the temporal and spatial resolution of coronal observations. Here we present a new analysis of the relationship between EUV waves and CMEs by using two robust, high-fidelity, automated detection codes: CorPITA for the EUV waves and CORIMP for the CMEs. We expect that the results of this ongoing analysis will help to characterise Earth directed CMEs when coronagraph data is not available, therefore providing another source of warning to the space weather community.
09:00 - 10:30