Observations of radio-quiet quasars at 10 mas resoution by use of gravitational lensing
e-Merlin: Scientific Results and Facility Development
Hannah Stacey
The University of Manchester
Neal Jackson, Hector Vives-Arias, Carl Roberts, Dominique Sluse, Amit Tagore, Olaf Wucknitz, Filomena Volino
We have detected two four-image gravitational lens systems with radio-quiet quasar sources with the JVLA and e-MERLIN, HS 0810+2554 and RX J0911+0551. HS 0810 has been resolved, allowing us to achieve 10mas resolution in the source frame in the structure of a radio-quiet quasar. RX J0911 has been marginally-resolved. The observations of HS 0810 strongly suggest the existence of a mini-AGN with a radio core and milliarcsecond-scale jet. The flux densities of the images are consistent with CDM models, however there are significant anomalies between the optical and radio fluxes likely due to microlensing effects in the optical.

09:00 - 10:30