Automated time domain astronomy with the remote access PIRATE facility
Time Domain Astronomy with Robotic Telescopes: the Science that Drives the Technology
Dr Johanna F Jarvis
The Open University
Dr Ulrich Kolb (The Open University)
Assembled using off-the-shelf hardware and software components the facility spearheaded remote-access laboratories for the award-winning The OpenScience Laboratory, an initiative which revolutionizes the teaching of practical science to distance teaching undergraduate students. In this presentation we describe how the PIRATE systems and operational mode facilitate its use in time domain astronomy. A particular emphasis is on the queue-scheduled autonomous photometric monitoring campaign of suitable transient sources, including SuperWASP-identified candidate transiting exoplanets and transients from the Gaia photometric alert stream. We present selected results to illustrate the facility’s capabilities.


09:00 - 10:30