Spectroscopic bulge-disk decomposition with MaNGA
Witnessing Disc Galaxy Evolution Through The Eyes of their Stellar Structures
Martha Tabor
University of Nottingham
In order to fully understand galaxy evolution we need to be able to examine the different components of galaxies individually. To make this possible we are exploring different ways of untangling the light from each component through decomposing their individual kinematics. By applying an adapted version of the Penalised Pixel Fitting method (pPXF) to integral field data from CALIFA, we have managed to completely decompose the bulge and the disk of a lenticular galaxy. With the beginning of the IFU survey MaNGA, aiming to obtain detailed spectroscopy for 10,000 galaxies, this method could become an invaluable way of analysing both the kinematics and the stellar population information of bulges and disks as individual components.


09:00 - 10:30