Stellar Companions to Southern Exoplanet Host Stars
Stellar, Exoplanet and Galactic Science from Massive, High-precision Variability Surveys
Daniel Evans
Keele University
John Southworth (Keele University)
A new Lucky Imaging search for close stellar companions to 101 transiting exoplanet host stars in the Southern hemisphere is presented. The presence of a second star can dilute, or in some cases mimic, an exoplanet transit signature, and it is important to account for this when analysing transit photometry. Alternatively, binary companions may be involved in the migration of Hot Jupiters inwards from the ice line, as well as the creation of systems with spin-orbit misalignments. This survey aims to create a complete list of companion stars from sub-arcsecond scales out to 20 arcseconds. Two colour photometry has been used in some cases to determine the properties of the companion stars. Future observations will extend two colour coverage to all stars in the sample, as well as adding a number of recently published planetary systems.


09:00 - 10:30