Dust, Gas and Star Formation in Galaxies Throughout Cosmic Time
In the last few years our understanding of the interstellar properties of galaxies at low and high redshifts has been revolutionised thanks to the advancements in the quality and abundance of data brought about by Herschel, Planck, ALMA and other observatories. We are beginning to obtain vital knowledge about the evolution of the dust and gas content and therefore the fuel for star formation or the creation of metals in galaxies over recent cosmic history. In this session, we aim to bring together the latest results on the dust and gas content of galaxies in the local universe and over cosmic time and also recent results on star formation in nearby galaxies and in the high-redshift universe. The includes the latest work on dust as a tracer of gas in galaxies, the presence of so-called dark gas, and gas properties of high-redshift sources. The large surveys in particular reveal galaxies not often seen in targeted surveys, finally completing our understanding of obscured star formation across the Hubble Sequence.
Matthew Smith
Wednesday 09:00, 13:30 and 16:30