Wide-Field Surveys and QSO Physics
Wide-field surveys remain the key observational tool to QSO discovery and investigations into quasar physics. As a set of wide-field surveys come to their conclusion, e.g., Pan-STARSS 1, SDSS-III BOSS, UKIDSS LAS, Spitzer, WISE, and new surveys are ramping up, e.g. VST ATLAS, DES, VISTA VHS, SDSS-IV, this is an excellent time to review what we have learnt about QSOs from the current generation of imaging and spectroscopy and look forward to what new instruments and satellites (DESI, Euclid, JWST) will contribute. This session will include, but not be limited to science topics covering:

Very high-z QSOs; Cosmology with QSOs (especially BAO); Heavily Obscured Objects; The star-forming properties of QSOs; The environments and clustering properties of luminous AGN; AGN Variability and new models and prescriptions describing the QSO population.
Abstracts from traditionally underrepresented groups and early career scientists will be given priority when deciding the session content.
Nicholas Ross
Tuesday 16:30 and Wednesday 09:00