Comparative Planetology
This session is being organised by the UK Planetary Forum whose focus is to promote planetary research in the UK among scientists and the public. The aim of this session is to showcase the research of planetary scientists in the UK. This session will focus on bodies within our solar system looking at processes that are common on and in different bodies, utilising observations and measurements that can enlighten us about different planets. This session is focusing on unifying principles that occur in the solar system, as opposed to studying separate planets as unrelated systems. We welcome submissions focused on unifying processes in the solar system from geology, astrobiology, atmospherics, and planetary evolution, especially those that have direct implications for other planetary bodies. Examples of this could be: remote sensing of periglacial features on Mars that resemble similar terrestrial features; growth of extremophiles that can exist in brines similar to simulated icy moon compositions; igneous processes discerned from lunar meteorites similar to terrestrial plutonic bodies; generation and destruction of ozone.
Louise Alexander
Monday 16:30 and Tuesday 9:00