Astronomy delivering a self-sustaining programme for University Recruitment in STEM.
John Baruch
Open University; Department of Physical Sciences
Dr Ulrich Kolb, Open University, Department of Physical Sciences; Edward Hand; Dan Hedges; Dr Chris Tallon,University of Bradford School of Engineering and Informatics
A University Partnership programme is described using a Robotic Telescope and a science education web site which wins for all participants:-
• For the Partnering Universities:-
Significant increases in the long term and short term recruitment into their STEM courses;
Continuous monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness
• For each of the 150 or so core-recruitment secondary schools of the partner-university:-
support for their recruitment of primary school children
support for the delivery of science in the lower school increasing the number of students taking the three science GCSE’s
support for their physics and astronomy sixth form students gaining experience and supporting their personal statement for UCAS,
• For the feeder primary schools:-
the primary school students meeting a highly relevant role model for a career in STEM,
the primary school teachers- developing their science subject knowledge,
• For the UK STEM programme growth in the take up of STEM subjects in the UK.
The partner universities are provided with a “robotic telescope at their university” web site and access to a robotic telescope recruitment programme with extensive science education materials. The partner university takes on a robotic telescope recruitment team which covers their costs even in year one and works with the core 150 plus secondary schools that their University recruits from in STEM. Full financial and working document details are available.