A new European mid-latitude high frequency SuperDARN radar
J.A. Wild
Lancaster University
A. Grocott (Lancaster University), M. Lester, T.K. Yeoman, S.E. Milan, D.M. Wright, E.C. Thomas, S. Imber (University of Leicester),
We present an overview of a new, multi-purpose, HF radar capability in mid- latitude Europe to provide measurements of the ion velocity in the upper atmosphere. This radar will also routinely measure mesospheric winds, and atmospheric gravity waves with sources in the troposphere and thermosphere. Currently, the only SuperDARN radars in Europe operate at auroral latitudes, in Iceland and Finland, but recent observations in the USA and Japan demonstrate that such mid-latitude radars are essential to provide coverage of the ion velocity during major space weather disturbances. We describe a mid-latitude radar overlooking the UK to fill this observational gap, which will also link with the recently-constructed SuperDARN mid-latitude radars across central USA and Japan, completing a similar mid-latitude chain of radars to the one at auroral latitudes.