From galaxies to cosmology: Science with the new generation of radio Telescopes
Commissioning and early science results from the Australian SKA Pathfinder
James Allison
CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
I will present an update on commissioning and early science being carried out with the 6-antenna test array of the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). During this commissioning phase we have demonstrated that the unique phased array feed technology on this telescope enables the formation of nine simultaneous beams, resulting in an instantaneous wide-field image that would normally require several pointings with a standard interferometer. Presenting data from our imaging and spectral analysis pipelines I will illustrate the excellent capability of ASKAP for carrying out wide-field continuum and 21cm surveys in the dawn of the SKA era. Furthermore, I will discuss our early science results, which include discoveries of jet-gas interactions in young radio galaxies (Allison et al. submitted to MNRAS), wide-field imaging and kinematics of HI gas in galaxy groups (Serra et al. in prep.) and monitoring of intermittent pulsars (Hobbs et al. in prep.).
13:30 - 15:00