From galaxies to cosmology: Science with the new generation of radio Telescopes
Promises and Challenges of Radio Weak Lensing
Ian Harrison
University of Manchester
The various stages of the SKA will be capable of performing world-leading
weak gravitational lensing cosmology, both alone and in cross-correlation with other experiments such as DES and Euclid. In addition, radio wavelength surveys provide additional information which provide a potential remedy to a number of systematics which can limit optical and near-IR studies. However, weak lensing from radio
interferometers will be hard, requiring extraordinarily accurate modelling
of the morphology of large numbers of faint sources. I will give an
overview of what can be done with radio weak lensing, showing projected cosmological constraints, and discuss how we are starting to address the challenges with micro-Jy depth pathfinding experiments,
simulations of wide field surveys and the radioGREAT imaging and shear measurement algorithm competition.
09:00 - 10:30