Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere: from the Sun to Planetary Atmospheres
Numerical and Observational Examination of the Spectral Variation of Extended Coronal Hard X-Ray Sources
Duncan James Stackhouse
Eduard Kontar
University of Glasgow
Extended coronal hard X-ray sources, e.g. the 2005 Aug 23 flare, open up the possibility of probing the X-ray emitting electron population in more detail. Through the use of RHESSI imaging spectroscopy we analyse the changes in the photon spectrum and thus the accelerated electron distribution along the spatial extent of the emission. We present a realistic one-dimensional model of the solar corona in a regime subject to coulomb collisions with a localised stochastic acceleration region akin to a looptop acceleration region. Comparison of the changes in the density weighted mean electron flux, , across our numerical corona with that obtained from RHESSI images enables determination of the dominant acceleration and transport processes in the flaring plasma. We will also comment on the validity of the Leaky-box Fokker-Planck approximation.
09:00 - 10:30