Solar Physics in the era of ultra-high spatial resolution: Getting ready for DKIST
Automated detection of waves in the fine-scale structure of the solar atmosphere
Richard Morton
James McLaughlin, Krishna Mooroogen (Northumbria University)
Northumbria University
MHD waves are now known to be ubiquitous throughout the solar atmosphere. Recent advances in instrumentation has made the observations of such waves routine. However, for the majority of these events there has been little or no statistical studies of their properties. This is likely due to the measurement procedure being extremely time-consuming. We present here the beginnings of a code that can be used to measure wave behaviour in fine-scale magnetic structures in the solar atmosphere. The code picks out features of interest and then measures displacements, widths and intensities of the feature as a function of time. The code is robust and can provide extremely accurate measurements of individual events and has been used in a number of recent investigations by the Solar Physics Group at Northumbria University. The code has recently been updated to allow measurements of Doppler Velocities (should they exist) and also the automated measurement of many events - although a full test is still ongoing. We will discuss future plans for its development and would welcome ideas and feedback from the community.
16:30 - 18:00