Science from the Pan-STARRS1 Surveys and opportunities from the public data release
White Dwarf Luminosity Function in the Pan-STARRS 3pi Survey
Marco C. Lam
N. C. Hambly
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
We will demonstrate the quality of proper motions derived from the most recent Processed Version 2 Desktop Virtual Observatory data release, which has been available since late December 2014. The large survey footprint allows us to increase the white dwarfs sample significantly. However, the survey strategy is very different from previous work which leads to complex variations in data quality across the survey area. We demonstrate the potential of "pixelising" the sky into small areas by HEALPix to maximise the survey volume by limiting each pixel to their worst conditions. This pixelisation can be applied to find both the photometric and proper motion limits. The distances and bolometric magnitudes of the final sample are found using Bergeron’s pure hydrogen model. The final data is used to produce a WDLF with the maximum volume density estimator which is generalised over the proper motion selected sample.


16:30 - 18:00