Structure and Composition of the Interstellar and Circumstellar Medium
Planck observations of diffuse low-frequency Galactic foregrounds
Mike Peel on behalf of the Planck Collaboration
Planck Collaboration
Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester
The microwave sky between 10 and 100 GHz is where the cosmic microwave background is preferentially observed. This frequency range includes large contributions from different types of Galactic emission. We study the Galactic foreground emission in Planck and WMAP data using the Commander component separation products. We analyse the synchrotron, free-free and anomalous microwave emission (AME) components including additional data sets such as radio recombination lines (RRL), Halpha, and gamma rays. On the Galactic plane, the RRL data confirms the accuracy of the Commander free-free solution. We have identified new regions of diffuse AME at high Galactic latitudes, which appear to be associated with molecular cloud regions. AME regions that have a high peak frequency are associated with HII regions. We also place new limits on AME polarisation from diffuse AME regions; we find that polarised synchrotron emission is a significant contaminant of AME regions that needs to be accurately subtracted in future analyses.


13:30 - 15:00