Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere: from the Sun to Planetary Atmospheres
Characteristics of solar particle acceleration in a non-flaring active region
James Threlfall
Philippe-André Bourdin, Thomas Neukirch, Clare Parnell
University of St Andrews
We present first results of test particle orbit calculations based on snapshots of an observationally driven MHD model of a non-flaring slowly-evolving solar active region [detailed in Bourdin et al., A&A 555, A123 (2013)]. The test particle (electron and proton) orbits are calculated using the relativistic guiding centre approximation. Initial results suggest particles can be accelerated to non-thermal energies due to local reconnection electric fields, despite the lack of flare-like behaviour. We discuss the implications of these results and highlight several characteristic types of orbit behaviour within the simulated active region, in order to better understand the plasma response in such active region models at kinetic scales.


09:00 - 10:30