Solar wind initiation, evolution, and interplanetary consequences
The upstream solar wind at Venus: The accuracy of ENLIL simulations compared with data from Venus Express and PROBA-2
Chris Arridge
Ailsa Prise (MSSL, UCL), Matthew J. West (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
Lancaster University
Venusā€˜ induced magnetosphere is formed by the interaction of the ionosphere and atmosphere with the solar wind but the EUV flux from the Sun plays an important role in the formation of the ionosphere. In this study we have been combining EUV measurements from PROBA2 and TIMED with upstream solar wind conditions estimated from the ENLIL heliosphere model in order to study driving of the ionosphere when Venus is inside the induced magnetosphere.

As part of this study we have been examining the accuracy and efficacy of ENLIL at the heliocentric distance of Venus. In this talk we compare Venus Express data with ENLIL model results, using different resolutions and coronal models. To provide a larger context for the comparison and the model results we also compare with data from STEREO and ACE. In particular we report on arrival time difference for structures to arrive at Venus, differences in the location of the heliospheric current sheet, CIR timing and durations (particularly with reference to the resolution of the model), and differences in field strength and solar wind density.


13:30 - 15:00